Audio Assignment – Sound Effects Story

When I finished this assignment, I was surprised that my file was only 19 seconds long! For the amount of time I spent working on it I expected it to be longer, but I’m happy with the final project. The story I tried to create was that of my outlaw, Rose Oakley, running from the law. I used 6 different sounds from; 1) a gun shot from a pistol, 2) running through the grass, 3) horses running on grass, 4) dogs barking, 5) bushes rustling, and 6) a sigh. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, specifically going through and picking out the specific sounds that I wanted for my file.

4 thoughts on “Audio Assignment – Sound Effects Story”

  1. Perfect from beginning to end. A lot of time does go into a few seconds of audio, but it’s worth the investment. The story doesn’t even need an explanation – you can see exactly what’s going on from the sounds.

  2. I really like the way this came out! The layering of the sounds made the scene continuous and the dogs barking in the background kept it within the same scene. You can really tell how much effort went into this despite how short it is.

  3. This is really nice. I have listened to about a half dozen of these thus far and this is the first that really tells a story just using sounds. It incorporates less than I did with mine, but the layering is smooth and has a more natural sound to it all. Nothing seemed really out of place with the other bits. Great job.

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