Design Assignment – Movie Trading Cards

The gang trading card

While it might not be from a movie, I thought it would be fun to create a trading card for the current TV show I’m binge watching on Netflix: Sons of Anarchy. As the week has progressed, I’ve become better at layering images on top of one another using the tools at I first started with a background image slightly larger than the screenshot that I got of the characters. Then I added in the screenshot as the second layer. The 3rd layer consisted of a cartoonish action bubble to contain the words “The Gang”. The words were then my fourth and fifth layers. I initially thought that this assignment would be more time consuming than it was. I’m glad it didn’t take too long and that I enjoyed working with the tools in the process. It makes me want to download a real photo shopping application.

3 thoughts on “Design Assignment – Movie Trading Cards”

  1. I like that you changed it from movies to TV. More people should take advantage of the liberties they have with assignments. Would you consider SoA a western, or western-ish? I think the case could be made.
    The GIMP and Paint.NET are Photoshop-like programs that you can download and install for free.

    1. It’s definitely a modern take on American Westerns. Instead of hero’s though, it follows (very human and fallible) outlaws. I have read somewhere that SoA follows hamlet, which is kind of awesome that a modern western would takes on shakespearean themes.

  2. I dont’t know its happening to me, I tried visitor from various editor but i am unable to visitor the website you shared, can you share any other photoshop alternative.

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