Writing Assignment – Instagram Is Down…DESCRIBE Your Lunch To Me!

Earlier today I trudged through the snow for lunch with Christine, Britta, Maddy and Kelsey. We walked from campus over to Kumo Sushi where we each ordered about three rolls. I ordered, as part of the lunch special, the spicy scallop roll, tuna & avocado roll and the spicy salmon roll. Before the rolls were ready we were each served miso soup in a black and red bowl. The sushi rolls were brought out upon a square white plate accompanied by a tray for soy sauce. They were delicious. I ate all of the rolls I ordered for myself and then proceeded to eat the rolls that my friends couldn’t finish (lame, right?). I tried eating the rolls with ginger for the first time. Nothing special about it in my opinion, it didn’t really taste like anything

I just described my lunch earlier today. Of course my roommate took a picture of her sushi plate before digging in, but this assignment wasn’t calling for that.

2 thoughts on “Writing Assignment – Instagram Is Down…DESCRIBE Your Lunch To Me!”

  1. Good description of your lunch. I thought about completing this writing assignment but decided not to because my lunch would have been way too boring. This assignment made me think about how it is sort of funny that we post pics of food onto Instagram and other social media outlets. While, if we could only use words to describe our meals, as this assignment required, we probably wouldn’t share our meal details with our friends as frequently as we do by using pictures.

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