Response – Ice Man

The Ice Man, written by Elmore Leonard, did not end how I expected it to end. It started out as what I saw as a typical Western; a group of manly men out celebrating rodeo victory end up confronted by the law. These men were discriminated against by an Immigration and Custom Enforcement officer, who doesn’t hide his bias at all.

“I suppose cause you people, same as the colored, all look pretty much the same. You know what white people in olden times use to call Indins? Goddamn red niggers.”

I expected the story to end in a blazing gun battle between the two opposing sides, but in the end the “Ice Man” simply arrested the individuals for being Indians.

I watched “No Room To Die”, (and made a fun trailer for it), which shared a similar theme (although with a happier ending). While the government wasn’t the antagonist of the film, the individuals mistreating minorities were. The main character in the movie became an individual set on saving a group of people being harmed.

I enjoyed this short story and greatly appreciated a new viewpoint on the Western theme. It allowed the reader to follow the struggles of a non-white individual.

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  1. I share similar opinions on this short story. I was very surprised by how it ended, the whole time I felt it was all building to a gunfight or some other major climax. I also enjoyed watching the trailer you made! Well done!

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