Response – The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Even “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” didn’t offer me a gun battle! I highly expected one, especially with imagery often seen in Western movies:

The barkeeper went to the door and locked and barred it. Reaching out of the window, he pulled in heavy wooden shutters and barred them. Immediately a solemn, chapel-like gloom was upon the place. The drummer was looking from one to another. “But, say,” he cried, “what is this, anyhow? You don’t mean there is going to be a gun-fight?”

The story follows a newlywed couple traveling back to Yellow Sky. At the town, a man known as Scratchy has become belligerent. He is known for his violent attitude when he is drunk. When the new couple arrives and is confronted by Scratchy, Potter disarms him by informing him of his new wife. The two individuals part ways without any bloodshed or violence.

So far the stereotype of Western’s as purely gun slinging dramas has not been met. However, the idea that white men are superior is heavily mentioned, along with the idea that women are valued for their skills at home.

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