Visuals of Storytelling

I’m not one to whip out my camera to capture a moment. On the rare occasion that I do do that, it’s because it is something I wish to share with a friend or family member. Due to this realization, I’m finding it difficult to answer the questions asked for this particular blog post assignment.

I don’t own a camera of my own, so the only way to capture an image would be through my phone. I often try to stay off of my phone when around company because I don’t want to be rude. This usually means that I don’t take out my phone when maybe a photo worthy moment is present. What is a photo worthy moment? I’m not sure, maybe it’s when a group of friends are together and they wish to remember it through a photo.

I guess I don’t view myself as an individual with the ability to capture a moment well, so instead, I leave that to other, more capable people. I try to be a part of the moment instead and hope that other individuals photo abilities can preserve that period of time.

I guess that was just a rambling post, and it didn’t necessarily answer what was asked. I feel like I came to a realization about my own visual capturing abilities and what it means to me.

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