Western Design

Viewing western movie stills along with western movie posters underscored how design has grown and changed over the years. Older movie posters were bright, colorful and “popped”. They attempted to grab the audiences attention. The same can be said with movie stills of their titles. While some films were in black in white, it still did not prevent them from utilizing wild fonts that filled the whole scene.

Duel_in_the_Sun winchester-73-title-still-small







More modern films took on more simplistic colors or images within their movie posters. Their color scheme never seemed to go beyond black, white and a few other basic colors and their posters were not as “flashy”.

Django_Unchained_Poster django-unchained-title-card







This possibly could be the development in design where in more modern times there was a wish to convey mystery and tragedy with the dark and serious tones whereas in the past the main goal was to capture the attention of the viewer. Throughout all the movie posters found in the previous wikipedia link, not one poster lacked an image of a western character on it.

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