The Final Heist – Part 4: Read All About It! – Web Assignment

Want to learn what happened to our outlaw, Rose Oakley, and her plan? You can check it out from your local news source.

I started with another news article before using the xray goggles to create my own story of Rose’s heist. It’s difficult writing like a news journalist. I’m not very good at it, and it starts to sound more like a writing project that an objective recreation of the event that occured. At least that’s not a profession I know I want to get into!

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Web Assignments – Google Translate Fail


Original text:


For this assignment, I simply looked up a Chinese news article and took a section out of it to be plugged into google translate. The resulting translation did not make much sense to say the least.


According to news that the branch 72 , at 7:50 on the 6th , a 15 year old woman in the subway car R is an Asian male metamorphosis invasion , according to victim testimony indicates , the incident when the car is traveling R 4 Avenue to cross 36th Street , suddenly sitting beside a woman about 20 years old Asian man began to steal the victim touch the thighs and back . Under victims panic in Dekalb Avenue subway station to escape , but the metamorphosis of man actually not give up , followed the woman out of the subway together , and continue to rub the back of the victim until the woman escaped from the subway station , the man then fled the scene hurriedly under

It’s kind of unfortunate that one of the most spoken languages in the world cannot be correctly formatted and translated for everyone else. Come on google.

Web Assignments – Privacy on the Web

I found this assignment extremely interesting. The first part of the assignment asked us to think about open source tools:

Count the number of open source programs you are using on your computer today. How many commercial software programs could be replaced with free and open source alternatives. I counted 4 commercial products on my system. If you need to, use a browser to get a list of open source programs which are available in place of commercial software.

Open source technology and information is incredibly important. It allows individuals the opportunity to learn and share data on equal levels (at least in terms of the applications they are using).

Regarding my time at UMW, I’m thankful for my professors who spend the time to find open source information for their students. It shows that they understand the financial burden text books and software applications may place upon students. If open source platforms are adopted for educational resources, it allows a standardization of information. One of my favorite professors at UMW (Dr. Greenlaw) will be hosting a conference this summer in Fredericksburg on this topic. He hopes to share that open source textbooks are just as good as the ones publishers sell. The main benefit to them? EVERYONE can access them.

In terms of software and technology, another web tool that I find incredible is Office Libre. Microsoft Suite tools are necessary for every student and working professional. These tools cost a hella lot though. Software such as libre allow for individuals who may not have the financial means to access microsoft tools a chance to create documents and information of the same level.

I realize this post came off as a rant. I’m thankful though that this assignment allowed me to think about my opinions regarding web tools and hopefully share those ideas with you.

Web Assignments – Create Your Own Room

I’m gonna admit, I used a friends pinterest account to gain access to their website. This is because I’m tired of creating all these darn accounts and trying to keep up with them. I’m a simple person, and I guess this can be conveyed into my dream room. I screen shot each image I found on pinterest as well as embeded the link to the website with the photo.


Of course I’d want a hammock bed in my room. Those things are soooo comfortable.


Throw in some candles and fun lanterns


And some wide open windows. That’s all I need.

Mashup Assignments – Mashing Friends And Emojis


Above is a picture of my sister on a family vacation and right below that are the two emojis that fit her expression. I found the emojis online (google image search) and edited them into an image together using What do you guys think of the real life/emoji mashup/comparison?

Mashup Assignment – This Doesn’t Belong Here

iconic combo

I guess I wasn’t super subtle, but I couldn’t help myself! The two iconic images I chose to mash together were the flare scene from Jurassic Park and the kiss from Romeo and Juliet.


I first removed the character from the Jurassic Park scene by cloning the rain around him. Then I added the romeo and Juliet scene as a layer where I removed as much of the background as I could. I merged the resulting image with the Jurassic Park image where I then attempted to clone more of the rain scene onto the image. It’s not as smooth as I would like, but hey, I get an image of the T-Rex looking at his next snack.

Mashup Assignment – Holiday Mashup

three in one

I chose my three favorite holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving and St. Patricks day (not really a holiday but still fun)) and stitched them together in an image using the online photo shop tool freephototool. I used cartoon images simply for the reason that despite the fact that they have different artists, they still can fit together. The only problem I had was attempting to resize the leprechaun hat to fit the turkey. I wasn’t able to do it so it appears a bit wonky, but you get the idea.

Video Essay

I really enjoy film and film analysis. While I enjoy watching films, I haven’t gotten the hang of making them. I found How to Structure a Video Essay extremely helpful for this assignment. Even though my video editing skills are waaaaaay behind his, it gave me some good ideas on how to properly edit my voice over within my chosen scene. While I had already watched Django Unchained, I chose a scene from this movie because, to me, Quentin Tarantino is a more visual/analytical director, making it easier to find different ideas he was attempting to portray.

I think I gained the most knowledge from Roger Eberts How to Read a Movie, specifically the line where he mentions stopping the film to understand what just happened. “Just pause the film and think about what you see.” It really is simple, and applying that to Django Unchained I believe is really important. There are many high tense situations in the film; by pausing those scenes the viewer can review what just occurred and gain a greater appreciation for the scene construction.


I chose to analyze power, and how that is visually portrayed. It’s especially true for this scene. The slave owner constantly insults Django and questions his claim as a free man. As soon as Dr. Schultz is viewed as an equal/higher ranking individual, the slave owners comments towards Django drastically change.

I yanked the movie from youtube and edited it down to my selected scene in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then recorded myself in audacity where I imported my sound bites into the movie project. Finally I uploaded it to youtube! I hope you guys enjoy. Please comment on your thoughts/ideas!

Video Assignment – My Favorite Thing To Do

I’ve got a lot of favorite things I enjoy, but this one seemed fitting after coming home from a long week.

My dog Boomie loves everyone. She is the most un-loyal dog there is! All I had to do was walk through my door and act excited. I filmed this using a horizontal view on my iPhone camera and simply uploaded it to youtube to link to here. I hope you guys enjoy my dog as much as I do!

Video Show Trailer

Since we have a pretty loose idea of what we wanted to do, I chose to keep it fairly open to interpretation. I ripped the opening scene from youtube and uploaded it into Windows Live Movie Maker. I then downloaded some images of puppets and spliced them together (we don’t know how we’re going to make our puppets just yet). I then added captions and overlaid it with the existing footage. I hope you guys enjoy this silly trailer!