Writing Assignment – To my Mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being an amazing mother. You may not feel like you have, but you’ve raised four fantastic daughters. Each one of us loves you very much. I’m so thankful I look forward to coming home and hanging out with you; I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship that we have.

I hope to travel more with you, and share some laughs and tears. I hope to make it through these tough years ahead of us.



(Dad, Isabelle, Samantha, Mom, Sarah; I’m taking the picture and making them laugh)


Writing Assignments – A Letter to You as a Child

Dear 13 year old Sophia,

No, not everyone is out to get you. I understand that mom and dad may seem like the worst people in the world, but they really aren’t. Stop picking on your little sisters. They’re going to be your best friends soon enough. Hug each one of them, especially Isabelle, she needs it. Don’t forget mom and dad!

I know you’re not the most optimistic child, but it does get better. You end up at a great school with some lifelong friends. You’re even taking this class (ds106) with one of them right now!

It’s going to be hard, but you’re tough. Just remember how important your family is, they’ll be there for you.

-21 year old Sophia

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws

For my second assignment, I decided to create a wanted poster for Jesse James. I used the website mobile fish and read up on the famous outlaw.

Wanted: Jesse James

Jesse James was a Confederate soldier who, following the wars end, created the James-Younger Gang. They robbed banks, stagecoaches and trains. He murdered a county clerk on accident, thinking it was someone else. A former confederate soldier sympathized with Jesse’s plight, and attempted to alter public opinion regarding the outlaw for the better. “Though he was famous while alive, he became even more so in death, when he was shot in the back of the head in his own home by a trusted friend” – 10 Gunslinging Outlaws of the American Wild West

Video Assignment – Trailer It

During the first week I was prompted to look up western movies that I had never heard of before. I was also forcing myself to stray away from the more recent films and watch an original spaghetti western. I was inspired by the assignment trailer it from the video assignment bank. Here is my attempt at a movie trailer for No Room to Die (internationally released as A Noose for Django) starring Anthony Steffen.

I initially thought it would be a very difficult assignment, but I had a ton of fun completing it! I played around with Windows Live Movie Maker until I was satisfied with the final product. It was really difficult keeping the trailer length down (I wanted to add in about 5 minutes worth of clips) but I wanted to make it as similar to a real movie trailer as possible. I hope you guys enjoy!