Dear Future Students,

  1. It’s OK to let your creative side shine a bit, no one is going to judge you!
  2. Get your work done in the beginning of the week, or at least slowly work on it throughout the week. There is no way you can produce good work in one day. Yea you’ll get it done, but it won’t be something you’re proud of.
  3. Take this class with a friend. Can’t? Then get to know someone in the class! It’s fun discussing project ideas along with having someone to goof off with. You can meet these people during your group projects.
  4. Enjoy what you’re working on. Try not to take it too seriously. It’s hard letting go an having a little bit of fun, but that’s what this class should be for: learning something new and taking the plunge!

Good luck!

Story Telling Within the Web – The Onion and Post Grad

I love the Onion, it’s fantastic satirical news. After downloading X-Ray Goggles, I found an article on their website regarding graduation.


The article was already fantastic. I decided to change it up a bit to describe something that I’ve been struggling with this whole semester as a senior: post grad plans.


It’s the dreaded question, at least for me. It’s exciting at first, but after a while, you get tired of explaining over and over again what your plans are. So, in onion style, I decided to dramatize this subject.


Here is where I discovered the problem with the x-ray goggles. You cannot overwrite hyperlinks. This was unfortunate, because it meant that a majority of the text could not be altered, such as the side bar with other popular articles on their website. It also didn’t allow you to overwrite your own images (at least I couldn’t figure it out). While I enjoyed this assignment, it really does limit the individual to heavily text based websites, such as Amazon. I still think the x-ray goggles are awesome, and I’m glad I was introduced to them!

Video Show Week 2 Progress

While originally my group was going to go for a puppet version of Parks and Rec, that idea fell apart and just turned into a puppet story of our characters. It was easy considering the story was a continuation of our radio show. Looking back at the film a lot can be changed. Sound can be added over the video while the camera angles need to work on being consistent (horizontal vs vertical viewing). It definitely feels very amateurish, but hey, none of us are professionals.

Video Show Week 1

It all started with a simple text from Maria: “Wanna do the video assignment together?” That’s when it fell into place. And obviously we had to bring Kelly, our fellow radio show host, in on the group.

I suggested we do something with puppets, it allows us to create very unique and silly characters we wouldn’t otherwise be able to create without an amazing make up department. We just needed the concept. That’s when Kelly suggested that we recreate scenes/the show of Parks and Recreation with our western characters. I’m super excited and pumped. The only problem is Maria hasn’t watch the TV show. That’s all fine because that’s her homework for the weekend, to study up on our shows TV inspiration.

Either this could turn out really funny, or just really odd. It’ll be interesting to see what we produce by the end of week 2! To get a little taste of the idea, here is my video trailer for our ds106 show!


I have to disagree with “How the Western Was Lost (and Why It Matters)”; the article took the waning popularity of the genre as a dire outcome created by our society.

For a century plus, we have relied on Westerns to teach us our history and reflect our current politics and our place in the world. We can ill afford to lose that mirror now, especially just because we don’t like what we see staring back at us.”

To say that other film genres lack the ability to “hold a mirror” up to society is a vast overstatement. While to the author of that article westerns are an essential medium for social commentary, to me westerns serve as a reliable source of heroes and action packed adventure. While they may be quite predictable, (the town hero comes to save the day from the villainous bandit all while saving the damsel in distress), they remain as timeless stories of heroism and virtuous actions.

I was very excited to learn about the western theme of this course. This allows me the chance to review western film (all in the name of homework!) and develop a better understanding and appreciation for it.  I’m curious to learn of our next assignments and how they relate to this theme.