Week 15 Summary – Thanks for the Travels!

We were asked by the professor to write a letter to future DS106 students. I thought this was a fantastic way to reflect upon the semester and understand what does and doesn’t work. I hope that future students enjoy the class and have a little fun.

For my final project, I chose to complete Rose’s story. During the assignments I used her for, I alluded to her goal of performing one final criminal act so she could finally relax her days away. Rose finally got it.

  1. Part 1: The Plan
  2. Part 2: The Fair
  3. Part 3: The Gang
  4. Part 4: Read All About It!
  5. Part 5: Goodbye

If you don’t want to read it in parts, you can find it all linked together in The Final Heist (I prefer to read it in parts).

Each assignment linked the previous and next part in Rose’s story. It also has a star amount at the bottom. In total 25☆’s were completed in writing, audio, web and visual assignments. I originally thought of ending Rose’s story tragically, with her gang crossing her and taking the money, but I decided there should be a happy ending for Rose. While deceit and trickery can make for great elements within stories, sometimes you just need to have a satisfying end to an adventure.

Take care Professor Bond!


Week 13 Summary

Week 13 brought about the web. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess the creativity came out of using web applications to produce stories and ideas. I guess, at least to me, it’s difficult to define this medium. I started out the week by completing a story using x-ray goggles.

The Web Assignments I did were:

  1. Create your Dream Room (4 stars)
  2. Privacy on the Web (3 and 1/2 stars)
  3. Google Translate Fail (3 and 1/2 stars)

Also connecting my daily creates into one story was kind of fun. I think it’s because I like making silly poems and this allowed me to do just that!

Week 12 Summary

I had trouble accessing UMW domains, I’m not sure what went wrong, but here is my weekly summary. Below are my mashup assignments I did this week. I’m really happy about this because it allowed me to incorporate a lot of design work. I’m more into that than I am into video production.

  1. Holiday Mashup (3 1/2 stars)
  2. This Doesn’t Belong Here (4 1/2 stars)
  3. Mashing Friends and Emojis (4 stars)

The daily create with the topic of Van Gogh was really cool! I did an image of DC and transformed it into the starry night scenery using the website many other students used. It was super neat and turned out better than I thought.

Week 11 Summary

This week was once again difficult. Not because of the assignments, but because of the scheduling and organization problems I had balancing my workload. I just began EMT training so it’s been difficult, but fun driving up to Vienna and back to work on school and fire department training. This week my group completed our puppet show and I finished up some daily creates.

I’m not very proud of the group video assignment. I wish it had been of better quality and more thought had been put into it. At the same time, I had a lot of fun filming it and playing around with our characters and the story.

I’m getting ready to delve into week twelve.

Week 10 Summary

Week 10 was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was especially nervous for the Video Essay portion of the week. This assignment was a lot more fun than anticipated. I really enjoyed choosing a scene and applying my thoughts and ideas on the directorial choices and what I got from it.

I then chose to do the video assignment: My Favorite Thing to Do. Surprise, it’s petting my dog.

My radio show group reunited once more to create a video show! The thoughts and ideas behind it can be read in my video progress blog post and a constructed trailer can be found here! (go easy, they’re just ideas at this stage!)

Finally here is my blog post containing my two daily creates.

Week 9 Summary

I’m finding it more and more difficult to manage my time properly regarding some of these assignments. I really struggled to find a radioshow time that I would be available to listen to, and in the end, I couldn’t coordinate with my schedule. That’s my own fault, and something I’ve been trying to work with since week 1! Baby steps. Really tiny tiny baby steps.

For my 10 star assignment bank blog posts I did 2 writing assignments (7 stars total) and one design assignment (3 1/2 stars).

  1. Your Hopes, Dreams and Fears
  2. Your Characters Past – I really enjoyed this one because it allowed me to sit back and think about Rose’s past. It was a fun creative thought process
  3. Most Wanted Poster (3)

And here is a link to my daily create blog post! I’ve been peetering out in terms of my motivation. I need to find a way to get it back for week 10.

Week 8 Summary

Week eight was great (look at that rhyme!) My group was able to finish our radio show, and I was also able to comment on this weeks progress in my radio show progress post. It felt odd not having to do any assignment bank projects, but that was definitely for the best considering the amount of time needed for the radio show. I was also able to create two daily creates for this week which I really enjoyed. I especially liked the design aspect of the second daily create I did.

I’m interested to see what’s in line for week 9!

Week 7 Summary

I’ll admit it, I really dropped the ball this week. It’s stressful finding a balance between this class and my other courses. I will work on that. Now that midterm week is over it should be easy getting back into the swing of digital story telling.

We created a google doc for our radio show and me and my partners have been dishing out ideas. As I discussed in my radio show progress blog post, I’ve found it difficult to completely understand every ones ideas when not exchanging them in person. I know we’ll get there, I’m just a slow learner. In other news, I had a lot of fun designing a promo poster for the show!

I was unable to create the required number of audio assignments for the week. I was only able to finish creating the spooky sounds assignment. I was also unable to finish my three daily creates. While writing up this summary, I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I know I can do better.

Week 6 Summary

Working with design has been my favorite so far. While I initially did not enjoy the responsive reading, I had a great time analyzing different western themes and how design has changed them over time. I struggled with the design blitz assignment simply because I’m still getting used to flickr. I guess at the moment I’m not a fan of the online application, but that’s only because of my own misunderstandings.

I’m not having as much fun with the daily creates as I used to. I think it may be because of how I’m approaching them. I’ve stopped viewing them as fun parts of my day to express creativity and I need to change that.

My favorite part of the week had to be the design assignments. Also props to the professor for choosing some great design assignments (and to the individuals who created them!)

  1. Most Wanted Poster
  2. Minimalist Movies Poster
  3. One story/Four icons
  4. Movie Trading Card

I can’t think of a word that rhymes with seven, but I’m excited for next week!

Week 5 Summary

I was initially really worried about working with audio. Not only because I was having difficulty with my hardware, but who likes to hear their own voice? Not me. In the end, I enjoyed this weeks assignments a lot more than I had anticipated! That’s always a good thing.

I had a lot of fun understanding and reflecting upon audio storytelling. I really enjoyed listening to Moon Graffiti. Podcasts are great, especially ones that follow stories and let you utilize your imagination. After listening to that podcast, I began getting excited about my own radio show idea. And as always, I enjoyed the daily creates. It makes me feel a bit more artistic and imaginative (although I’m still not clear on who Dr. Oblivion is).

I used to use my weekly summaries to describe what I did for each assignment, but I was pointed in a different direction. I tried to describe my process in each of the assignment blog posts. I enjoyed most of these assignments, specifically the radio show bumper, a sound effects story (3.5 stars) and what a song might mean to you. The other two assignments felt like filler to me. I didn’t quite enjoy them as much and I felt less creative in them. These two assignments were can’t get out of my head (1.5 stars), and rhythms with things (3 stars). I guess that just means the professor does a great job at choosing the fun creative assignments!

Getting ready for some design tricks for week 6!