Week 4 Summary

The first assignment provided me a realization regarding my relationship with photography. It was difficult to write that post while coming to an understanding of what photography means to me, but I’m grateful that I did. I think I’d much rather enjoy a product than be the one creating it (just cause I accept that my talents aren’t quite there yet!) The second assignment was also enjoyable, but as I stated, not quite what I expected. Once again, I’m learning and being exposed to new things!

Capturing what was in my characters saddle bag was easy following the hike I did today. I chose what was in my camel back as I felt it related to a character living in the wilderness and running from the law. I had so much fun writing the Love at First Shot blog post! Once again, I don’t write large paragraphs, but I think that’s my style. Short and sweet. Out of the two assignment options, I chose to create a Brady bunch image of my family. I also had a lot of fun creating a pixel picture (4 stars) of my outlaw character which proved to be a fun way to create an image. For my final visual assignment (2 stars) I chose to take a close up image of a keyboard in the convergence center. Sorry if I just ruined the chance to guess for anyone!

I struggled with the daily creates this week. That’s because I don’t think I genuinely completed the first one. This was due to hardware issues. Whenever I attempt to record (video or audio) my sound system disappeared. Why? I’m unsure, but it requires me each time to remove the sound system, update for changes and reboot my computer. Hopefully as the course progresses I can find a solution to this problem.

I didn’t have as much fun with the photoblitzer assignment. I think this may because of how I view my photography skills and my criticism of it. Of course I hadn’t written the first assigned blog post yet so I had not come to that realization! But now I know.

I tried to up my comment game this week and I feel like I succeeded in reaching my own personal goal. It was fun to read about other individuals take on cinematography along with looking at their visual assignments. I even tried to guess what someones close up picture was of!

Looking alive for week 5!

Week 3 Summary

Week 3 was a busy week!

I enjoyed reading and responding to “Ice Man”. Along with “Ice Man”, I chose to respond to “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”. As I stated in my earlier post, it allowed me to experience the Western theme from a different viewpoint. In conjunction with that, I applied Kurt Vonnegut’s ideas regarding the shape of stories to Elmore Leonard’s writing. I enjoyed these two assignments a lot. I found the analytical aspect fun and different from what I was expecting out of this course. Every week seems to surprise me!

I also had fun creating my Outlaw character. I didn’t describe everything about Rose Oakley because I was unsure of where to take her next. I think the air of mystery about her adds to her pariah nature.

For the writing assignments this week I chose to write a letter To my Mom. I really enjoyed this one, and I even shared it with her! In addition to this, I chose to describe my lunch (4 stars) and create a western haiku (2 stars) inspired by Mabel Strickland and the daily create assignment.

I decided that I was going to group my daily creates into one post. For some reason it makes me feel more organized to have them all grouped together. I simply create a draft post and add a daily create every time I complete one.

Speaking of organization… I finally decided on a sidebar menu for my blog. I struggled with the organization of it (along with creating menus), but eventually settled on what is visible on my blog now (who knows, I could change it again). I appreciated the hierarchy appearance of it, along with the ability to see how many posts belong to each category.

Next week I plan on reading the directions carefully (I missed the part that I had to read TWO short stories) and focus on getting my work done earlier in the week. I also want to comment at least once a week. I want to aim for two but I’m setting the bar low for myself. This week I at least made one comment.

I’m interested in seeing what is in store for Week 4!

Week 2 Summary

Thankfully I adjusted my WordPress theme during week 1 so I didn’t have to worry about changing much this week (although that didn’t stop me from playing around with all the different themes). The only thing I edited was my about page. While my about description is simple, I think it perfectly summarizes my educational goals for the course.

I also took to heart what the professor had commented on my blog regarding the different ways people use social media. With this idea in mind, I hope to become more engaged within the course and not hold back on the creativity. I began by applying this new outlook to the #dailycreate challenge!

  1. My first one wasn’t so creative; I just played around with MS Paint:

2) I had fun coloring this cow:

3) Share some love:

I initially struggled with the assignment banks and what we were supposed to do as a group. The directions weren’t clear in the beginning, but after some explaining I soon got it. I had the most fun working on my video assignment. I love movie trailers, they’re sometimes the best part about going to the theater. It allowed me to play around with film editing software and watch an old western in the process! The design assignment was also fun because it allowed me to learn more about a famous outlaw, Jesse James. My final assignment I chose was a writing assignment. I really enjoyed this one. It allowed me to reminisce on my past and think of constructive things I would tell 13 year old me. While I didn’t write long paragraphs, I felt that what I wrote contained the most important information a young teenage me needed to know.

I finally settled on an assignment bank idea which involved having a movie character interact with an object. I thought it would be simple and fun, allowing people to find funny movie clips full of great reactions.

This week was difficult. I found the work load greater than some of my 400 level courses, especially when considering the amount of effort needed for some of these assignments. While I had fun, I stressed about whether or not I was doing each assignment accurately or following the correct directions. Hopefully I can find a good balance with this course and the rest of my schedule for the coming weeks.

Week 1 Summary

Are you exhausted yet?

YES! There is a reason why I don’t have this many social media sites: I don’t know how to work them! It’s been a struggle setting up the multiple accounts along with learning how to publish/interact with the community. I can say that I spent my fair share of time becoming frustrated with flickr and getting overwhelmed by twitter. Thankfully I was able to get some assistance from a few other members in this class, and I was able to publish my DS106 Multimodal Introduction.

At the moment I can say I’m not quite sure if I will maintain these accounts following the completion of this course. There is something about preserving an online image/persona that not only tires me just thinking about it, but also concerns me. I’m not sure I want so many people knowing what’s going on in my life. To each their own! This course will provide me the opportunity to see if that’s something I enjoy.

As I stated in my western blog post, I’m excited to learn more about the themes that form the genre. I plan on watching an older film; while Django Unchained (2012) pays homage to the many topics within western films, I can’t say I’ve truly been exposed. I was surprised to see the character Django as the protagonist to other western films listed among the playlist provided by the professor. I had not realized that he was a constant character in the genre. This has provided me a starting point to begin my western film education