The Final Heist

Part 1: The Plan

If you knew her past, you’d know that this has always been her goal. She enjoyed what she did, but she knew it couldn’t be sustained. Rose was ready. She had assembled her team and had done the research. That’s more than what you can say for any of the other robberies she had performed.

The target was the bank. The town fair was coming through and she knew the whole place would be filled with unsuspecting individuals. But she didn’t want their small change. She wanted where they put it all. The fair would provide a distraction for everyone, and if worst comes to worst, plenty of hostages for her gang.

The final day of the fair was this Thursday. That’s when she planned on making her move.

In the meantime, she polished her weaponry and planned her escape.

Part 2: The Fair

Part 3: The Gang

Three of the GangOne of The GangTwo of the Gang



On the far left is big Tom. He’s a twitchy fellow, and often keeps his hands on his guns. In the middle is handsome Pete. He’s a real slick outlaw and can trick almost anyone out of their possessions. Finally on the far right is Jess the Mess. Jessie is known to leave a wake of carnage behind him. And of course the woman who has brought them all together,Rose Oakley.Pixeled Outlaww



Part 4: Read All About It!

Want to learn what happened to our outlaw, Rose Oakley, and her plan? You can check it out from your local news source.

Part 5: Goodbye

She had finally done what she had planned to do. She clutched her sack of money close to her as she watched the horizon move quickly past her. She didn’t know where the others were planning to go, she didn’t care. She had her share, and was now going to live a more relaxed life.

She sure was going to miss it though. The excitement of the steal and the feeling that no one could stop her, not even the law.

She had some friends out West, she knew they’d help her. And even if they didn’t, she knew she could get by on her own. That’s what she had been doing her whole life, and look where it had led her.

The train sped by, chasing the sunset down, carrying a very happy passenger.

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