The Final Heist – Part 3: The Gang – Visual Assignment

The Gang: Pixeled

Three of the Gang One of The Gang Two of the Gang



On the far left is big Tom. He’s a twitchy fellow, and often keeps his hands on his guns. In the middle is handsome Pete. He’s a real slick outlaw and can trick almost anyone out of their possessions. Finally on the far right is Jess the Mess. Jessie is known to leave a wake of carnage behind him. And of course the woman who has brought them all together, Rose Oakley.Pixeled Outlaww



As I had previously done for the character Rose, I created a portrait of each heist member in paint. I scaled the image down to 16×16 pixels and drew from there. I tried giving big Tom a beard and Jess the mess a rifle, but it ended up looking like a shotgun. For some reason when I saved the images as jpeg images the colors became altered. It didn’t mess with the original pictures too much, just something to note.

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