Radio Show Progress Week 2

This week was a ton of fun! It was great finally getting together with my team members to record our radio show. There was the idea to have everyone record their segments separately, but I’m glad we chose to have a show where each of us are able to interact with each other as our characters. It allows for something different.

We reserved a room in Simpson library where we brainstormed and then recorded our show. We each tried to add our own western accents to our characters, which resulted in us cracking each other up and requiring us to record multiple takes.

We initially recorded our “host” (Maria with a her voice edited to be deeper) just asking questions and then recorded our characters answering the hosts questions and interacting with each other. After we were satisfied with what we had produced, I cut out any mistakes and spliced the two takes together along with adding in each of our DS106 radio bumpers. Then is was off to Kelly who added in music along with commercials. All in all I enjoyed this project and the laughs that came out of it!

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