Audio Assignment – Spooky Sounds

You’re tired and you see a house ahead. You don’t think it’s following you anymore. Until you hear it. The unsettling sounds that it never left. You quickly get inside the house and find somewhere to hide. But you still hear it. It seems to be going from room to room. What is that noise that is scraping against the ground? What does it have? It’s getting closer…

I really like the audio assignments that require me to build a story with sound. I love working with sound effects and attempting to make them blend together. For this assignment I used over 12 sound clips I downloaded from


It was a bit harder than the last story assignment, only because this one had a minimum length of 1 min. I didn’t really plan out what I wanted, but instead I just began by searching on the freesound website sounds that I felt would be creepy/odd but still work together. I utilized the fade in effect quite a bit to blend the sounds together. All in all the total project took about an hour to complete. I’m really happy with the final project.

I hope it gives you guys goosebumps! If it doesn’t, what do you think would be something I could improve on it? Let me know!


Audio Assignment – Create A Ds106 Radio Bumper

My radio bumper involved three recordings laid on top of each other from ; 1)a man shouting “yeehaww”, 2) my voice, and 3) banjo music. I tried putting some twang in my voice (not sure if I succeeded) and worked on fading out the banjo music on audacity so it didn’t end so abruptly. This was done by selecting the track and adding the sound effect “fade out” to it. Enjoy this western themed radio bumper!

Audio Assignment – Rhythms with Things

I struggled with this assignment mainly because I don’t have rhythm. My solution? Play with racquetballs. I took two of my racquetballs, began recording and simply played around with them. I even accidentally knocked over their container (which can be clearly heard in the video). By the end of it, I had a clip of me just bouncing balls with a loud clang in the middle. I kind of really liked how it sounded! So that’s what you are listening to, me messing around with some sports equipment and most likely annoying my downstairs neighbors.

Audio Assignment – Can’t Get Out of My Head

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, mainly because I enjoy whistling. It was easy to record myself on audacity and upload the file onto SoundCloud. Can you guess what song it is? It’s the chorus of a pretty popular song that I heard on the radio (and I just couldn’t get it out of my head!)

Audio Assignment – Sound Effects Story

When I finished this assignment, I was surprised that my file was only 19┬áseconds long! For the amount of time I spent working on it I expected it to be longer, but I’m happy with the final project. The story I tried to create was that of my outlaw, Rose Oakley, running from the law. I used 6 different sounds from; 1) a gun shot from a pistol, 2) running through the grass, 3) horses running on grass, 4) dogs barking, 5) bushes rustling, and 6) a sigh. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, specifically going through and picking out the specific sounds that I wanted for my file.

Audio Assignment – What a Song Might Mean to You

What “Into the Fray” means to me:

I was initially worried about getting this assignment to work considering the struggle I had with my computers sound system from last week. Thankfully, with audacity, I was able to record my reflection and thoughts regarding the song and upload it to soundcloud. I think that’s the best way to go. Of course I felt odd making a recording and hearing my own voice, but something tells me that as the week goes on I’ll be used to it and get over that fear.