Design Assignmnet – Most Wanted Poster (3)


I chose to create a wanted poster for my character using I didn’t know what to do for her photo, considering Rose Oakley (at least to my knowledge!) isn’t a real individual, and therefore doesn’t have a photo I can use. I ended up finding a photo of an outlaw woman and using that as my image for Rose. I liked a photo of her from a distance, making it more difficult to see her face.

Design Assignment – Movie Trading Cards

The gang trading card

While it might not be from a movie, I thought it would be fun to create a trading card for the current TV show I’m binge watching on Netflix: Sons of Anarchy. As the week has progressed, I’ve become better at layering images on top of one another using the tools at I first started with a background image slightly larger than the screenshot that I got of the characters. Then I added in the screenshot as the second layer. The 3rd layer consisted of a cartoonish action bubble to contain the words “The Gang”. The words were then my fourth and fifth layers. I initially thought that this assignment would be more time consuming than it was. I’m glad it didn’t take too long and that I enjoyed working with the tools in the process. It makes me want to download a real photo shopping application.

Design Assignment – One Story / Four Icons


This assignment was really neat, mainly because I enjoyed looking at the image representations for each word that can be found at The Noun Project. These simplistic icons are just fun to look at. I finally decided on representing a modern western movie and it’s story. I picked out the icons that not only portrayed what I wanted to get across, but looked visually appealing together. I put them together using the freephototool website. Guess which movie I tried to represent with these four icons and you win brownie points!

Design Assignment – Minimalist TV/Movie Poster

I love minimalist movie poster designs. The simplicity in it makes it all the more enjoyable to view. For this assignment I chose to do a minimalist movie poster on the movie The Martian.


The movie already had a basic poster. Simply the actor, Matt Damon, looking into the camera with a quote from the book/movie. I found an image online of a simple, almost cartoonish version of mars:


This image was created as a space tourism poster. Since my photoshop skills aren’t great, I was happy that all that was required of me was to remove the existing text and replace it with the background colors. I then simply inserted the text that I wanted into their own existing layers. All editing was done using I hope you guys enjoy!

minimal movie poster

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws ds106 Style (2)


I chose to do this assignment again because I really enjoy learning about the oulaws of the past. Once again I used the website to generate a poster after settling on an outlaw.

Jim Burrow (18??-1888) – Jim Burrow, originally from Alabama, grew up to rob trains with his brother Reuben “Rube” Burrow in 1886. Robbing their first train on December 1, 1886 in Bellevue, Texas, they only netted a few hundred dollars. Adding members to their gang, they robbed so many trains by early 1888 that they had become the most most infamous train robbers since Jesse James, and were pursued by hundreds of lawmen throughout the south and southwest. But for Jim, his life as an outlaw was to be short-lived. In 1888, the brothers were recognized by a conductor on a train pulling into Nashville, Tennessee. Notifying authorities, lawmen trapped Rube and Jim in a passenger car. Rube shot his way to freedom but Jim was taken into custody and jailed in Texarkana. Later that year, he died in prison of consumption on October 5, 1888.”

Legends of America

Design Assignment – Most Wanted Outlaws

For my second assignment, I decided to create a wanted poster for Jesse James. I used the website mobile fish and read up on the famous outlaw.

Wanted: Jesse James

Jesse James was a Confederate soldier who, following the wars end, created the James-Younger Gang. They robbed banks, stagecoaches and trains. He murdered a county clerk on accident, thinking it was someone else. A former confederate soldier sympathized with Jesse’s plight, and attempted to alter public opinion regarding the outlaw for the better. “Though he was famous while alive, he became even more so in death, when he was shot in the back of the head in his own home by a trusted friend” – 10 Gunslinging Outlaws of the American Wild West