Design Blitz

Unfortunately my camera has not been functioning. A solution? Use past photos from my trip to Chicago. I actually enjoyed this aspect because it allowed me to go through my saved pictures and really analyze them for different aspects of design.

I will also take this time to vent about my frustrations with flickr. I just can’t seem to understand it! I really struggled to embed my photos within this blog post. Even when clicking on “share” and copying the link provided my post did not recognize that I wished to embed images. My solution was to upload each image and manually insert/edit a link. It was time consuming and I know there is a much easier/better way to do it, I just couldn’t seem to figure it out. End rant.

  1. Symbolism: In my mind, with the fence, it feels as if the viewer is caged off from the beauty of the image.


2. Dominance: Dominance can be shown by point of view. If you are required to look up at something, that object is a prevalent structure that cannot go unnoticed.


3. Balance: I felt this image conveyed balance due to the shared space between the sky and the lake. In between those two elements, the boats bob and balance on the water.


4. Minimalism: The sky fills this image whereas theĀ sailboat mast and the sun, while not completely in the shot, still convey what the scenery contains.