Week 4 Summary

The first assignment provided me a realization regarding my relationship with photography. It was difficult to write that post while coming to an understanding of what photography means to me, but I’m grateful that I did. I think I’d much rather enjoy a product than be the one creating it (just cause I accept that my talents aren’t quite there yet!) The second assignment was also enjoyable, but as I stated, not quite what I expected. Once again, I’m learning and being exposed to new things!

Capturing what was in my characters saddle bag was easy following the hike I did today. I chose what was in my camel back as I felt it related to a character living in the wilderness and running from the law. I had so much fun writing the Love at First Shot blog post! Once again, I don’t write large paragraphs, but I think that’s my style. Short and sweet. Out of the two assignment options, I chose to create a Brady bunch image of my family. I also had a lot of fun creating a pixel picture (4 stars) of my outlaw character which proved to be a fun way to create an image. For my final visual assignment (2 stars) I chose to take a close up image of a keyboard in the convergence center. Sorry if I just ruined the chance to guess for anyone!

I struggled with the daily creates this week. That’s because I don’t think I genuinely completed the first one. This was due to hardware issues. Whenever I attempt to record (video or audio) my sound system disappeared. Why? I’m unsure, but it requires me each time to remove the sound system, update for changes and reboot my computer. Hopefully as the course progresses I can find a solution to this problem.

I didn’t have as much fun with the photoblitzer assignment. I think this may because of how I view my photography skills and my criticism of it. Of course I hadn’t written the first assigned blog post yet so I had not come to that realization! But now I know.

I tried to up my comment game this week and I feel like I succeeded in reaching my own personal goal. It was fun to read about other individuals take on cinematography along with looking at their visual assignments. I even tried to guess what someones close up picture was of!

Looking alive for week 5!

Visuals of Storytelling

I’m not one to whip out my camera to capture a moment. On the rare occasion that I do do that, it’s because it is something I wish to share with a friend or family member. Due to this realization, I’m finding it difficult to answer the questions asked for this particular blog post assignment.

I don’t own a camera of my own, so the only way to capture an image would be through my phone. I often try to stay off of my phone when around company because I don’t want to be rude. This usually means that I don’t take out my phone when maybe a photo worthy moment is present. What is a photo worthy moment? I’m not sure, maybe it’s when a group of friends are together and they wish to remember it through a photo.

I guess I don’t view myself as an individual with the ability to capture a moment well, so instead, I leave that to other, more capable people. I try to be a part of the moment instead and hope that other individuals photo abilities can preserve that period of time.

I guess that was just a rambling post, and it didn’t necessarily answer what was asked. I feel like I came to a realization about my own visual capturing abilities and what it means to me.


  1. Take a photo of something that you are envious of (physical or metaphorical).
  2. Take a photo of two related objects of drastically different sizes.
  3. Take a picture of fire or something that represents fire.
  4. Make a photograph that illustrates the weather where you are.
  5. Find a pool, puddle, or other body of still water. A photo of a reflected subject.
  6. Make an abstract or literal photo that expresses how you feel.
  7. Features a repeating pattern.










Visual Assignment – 256 Points

Pixeled Outlaww

The pixel outlaw

I created a pixel image of my outlaw character by creating a 16×16 template in MS Paint. I initially thought I was done and proceeded to upload the extremely small image into my blog before I realized I was going to have to re-size it again. Here’s the 16×16 version:

Pixeled Outlaww

itty bitty outlaw

Response – Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

I enjoyed watching Kurt Vonnegut’s video regarding the shape and course of stories, specifically his use of humor regarding the topic. After reading and responding to the short story, “Ice Man“, I struggled to fit a shape Vonnegut described to the story.

The main character starts out well, but upon meeting the I.C.E agent (the Ice Man) his story line begins to decline. At this point the protagonists story line never recovers, as in the end, his rodeo earnings are taken from him and he is arrested.

I drew a picture (taking from example Vonnegut’s drawing) of the story line for Ice Man:


It’s a bleak story.

The other story “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” also didn’t follow the story line that I expected. It failed to meet my preconceived idea of a Western theme involving dramatic gun battles and good vs. evil.

Here is a picture of how I viewed this story line:


It starts out slightly better than normal, then gets worse with the introduction of Scratchy. The story is then returned to slightly better after Potter disarms Scratchy.

Response – Ice Man

The Ice Man, written by Elmore Leonard, did not end how I expected it to end. It started out as what I saw as a typical Western; a group of manly men out celebrating rodeo victory end up confronted by the law. These men were discriminated against by an Immigration and Custom Enforcement officer, who doesn’t hide his bias at all.

“I suppose cause you people, same as the colored, all look pretty much the same. You know what white people in olden times use to call Indins? Goddamn red niggers.”

I expected the story to end in a blazing gun battle between the two opposing sides, but in the end the “Ice Man” simply arrested the individuals for being Indians.

I watched “No Room To Die”, (and made a fun trailer for it), which shared a similar theme (although with a happier ending). While the government wasn’t the antagonist of the film, the individuals mistreating minorities were. The main character in the movie became an individual set on saving a group of people being harmed.

I enjoyed this short story and greatly appreciated a new viewpoint on the Western theme. It allowed the reader to follow the struggles of a non-white individual.