Mashup Assignments – Mashing Friends And Emojis


Above is a picture of my sister on a family vacation and right below that are the two emojis that fit her expression. I found the emojis online (google image search) and edited them into an image together using What do you guys think of the real life/emoji mashup/comparison?

Mashup Assignment – This Doesn’t Belong Here

iconic combo

I guess I wasn’t super subtle, but I couldn’t help myself! The two iconic images I chose to mash together were the flare scene from Jurassic Park and the kiss from Romeo and Juliet.


I first removed the character from the Jurassic Park scene by cloning the rain around him. Then I added the romeo and Juliet scene as a layer where I removed as much of the background as I could. I merged the resulting image with the Jurassic Park image where I then attempted to clone more of the rain scene onto the image. It’s not as smooth as I would like, but hey, I get an image of the T-Rex looking at his next snack.

Mashup Assignment – Holiday Mashup

three in one

I chose my three favorite holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving and St. Patricks day (not really a holiday but still fun)) and stitched them together in an image using the online photo shop tool freephototool. I used cartoon images simply for the reason that despite the fact that they have different artists, they still can fit together. The only problem I had was attempting to resize the leprechaun hat to fit the turkey. I wasn’t able to do it so it appears a bit wonky, but you get the idea.