Radio Show Progress

It has been difficult. I wasn’t able to give my full attention to the group and the ideas that everyone had. I’m really excited for the outcome but I think this assignment just fell on a bad week (I know, excuses, excuses).

It’s difficult working with other people and not being physically present to share ideas and gauge reactions. That’s mainly because I’m not used to it at all! It’s hard because you don’t quite know what everyone is expecting, which is essential to establish in order for a successful product at the end. I am confident though that we will get there. Maybe we need to meet in person for my own clarifications.

So far we have come up with a plan for our radio show, traveling to different western places! I need to figure out how to work in my outlaw character since (because she’s running from the law) towns might not be the best places for her to be. That’s something I’ll need to brainstorm for!