Video Assignment – My Favorite Thing To Do

I’ve got a lot of favorite things I enjoy, but this one seemed fitting after coming home from a long week.

My dog Boomie loves everyone. She is the most un-loyal dog there is! All I had to do was walk through my door and act excited. I filmed this using a horizontal view on my iPhone camera and simply uploaded it to youtube to link to here. I hope you guys enjoy my dog as much as I do!

Video Assignment – Trailer It

During the first week I was prompted to look up western movies that I had never heard of before. I was also forcing myself to stray away from the more recent films and watch an original spaghetti western. I was inspired by the assignment trailer it from the video assignment bank. Here is my attempt at a movie trailer for No Room to Die (internationally released as A Noose for Django) starring Anthony Steffen.

I initially thought it would be a very difficult assignment, but I had a ton of fun completing it! I played around with Windows Live Movie Maker until I was satisfied with the final product. It was really difficult keeping the trailer length down (I wanted to add in about 5 minutes worth of clips) but I wanted to make it as similar to a real movie trailer as possible. I hope you guys enjoy!