Video Essay

I really enjoy film and film analysis. While I enjoy watching films, I haven’t gotten the hang of making them. I found How to Structure a Video Essay extremely helpful for this assignment. Even though my video editing skills are waaaaaay behind his, it gave me some good ideas on how to properly edit my voice over within my chosen scene. While I had already watched Django Unchained, I chose a scene from this movie because, to me, Quentin Tarantino is a more visual/analytical director, making it easier to find different ideas he was attempting to portray.

I think I gained the most knowledge from Roger Eberts How to Read a Movie, specifically the line where he mentions stopping the film to understand what just happened. “Just pause the film and think about what you see.” It really is simple, and applying that to Django Unchained I believe is really important. There are many high tense situations in the film; by pausing those scenes the viewer can review what just occurred and gain a greater appreciation for the scene construction.


I chose to analyze power, and how that is visually portrayed. It’s especially true for this scene. The slave owner constantly insults Django and questions his claim as a free man. As soon as Dr. Schultz is viewed as an equal/higher ranking individual, the slave owners comments towards Django drastically change.

I yanked the movie from youtube and edited it down to my selected scene in Windows Live Movie Maker. I then recorded myself in audacity where I imported my sound bites into the movie project. Finally I uploaded it to youtube! I hope you guys enjoy. Please comment on your thoughts/ideas!