Video Show Week 1

It all started with a simple text from Maria: “Wanna do the video assignment together?” That’s when it fell into place. And obviously we had to bring Kelly, our fellow radio show host, in on the group.

I suggested we do something with puppets, it allows us to create very unique and silly characters we wouldn’t otherwise be able to create without an amazing make up department. We just needed the concept. That’s when Kelly suggested that we recreate scenes/the show of Parks and Recreation with our western characters. I’m super excited and pumped. The only problem is Maria hasn’t watch the TV show. That’s all fine because that’s her homework for the weekend, to study up on our shows TV inspiration.

Either this could turn out really funny, or just really odd. It’ll be interesting to see what we produce by the end of week 2!┬áTo get a little taste of the idea, here is my video trailer for our ds106 show!