Web Assignments – Google Translate Fail


Original text:


For this assignment, I simply looked up a Chinese news article and took a section out of it to be plugged into google translate. The resulting translation did not make much sense to say the least.


According to news that the branch 72 , at 7:50 on the 6th , a 15 year old woman in the subway car R is an Asian male metamorphosis invasion , according to victim testimony indicates , the incident when the car is traveling R 4 Avenue to cross 36th Street , suddenly sitting beside a woman about 20 years old Asian man began to steal the victim touch the thighs and back . Under victims panic in Dekalb Avenue subway station to escape , but the metamorphosis of man actually not give up , followed the woman out of the subway together , and continue to rub the back of the victim until the woman escaped from the subway station , the man then fled the scene hurriedly under

It’s kind of unfortunate that one of the most spoken languages in the world cannot be correctly formatted and translated for everyone else. Come on google.