Story Telling Within the Web – The Onion and Post Grad

I love the Onion, it’s fantastic satirical news. After downloading X-Ray Goggles, I found an article on their website regarding graduation.


The article was already fantastic. I decided to change it up a bit to describe something that I’ve been struggling with this whole semester as a senior: post grad plans.


It’s the dreaded question, at least for me. It’s exciting at first, but after a while, you get tired of explaining over and over again what your plans are. So, in onion style, I decided to dramatize this subject.


Here is where I discovered the problem with the x-ray goggles. You cannot overwrite hyperlinks. This was unfortunate, because it meant that a majority of the text could not be altered, such as the side bar with other popular articles on their website. It also didn’t allow you to overwrite your own images (at least I couldn’t figure it out). While I enjoyed this assignment, it really does limit the individual to heavily text based websites, such as Amazon. I still think the x-ray goggles are awesome, and I’m glad I was introduced to them!