Writing Assignment – Your Character’s Past

Rose Oakley

Rose was an orphan. She never knew her family or their fate. She never cared to learn of them. She figured if they couldn’t be there for her then, they couldn’t be available to her any other part of her life. The orphanage was tough. It made her realize she couldn’t trust many people. She didn’t have very many friends.

The one friend she made was Maureen, a young western gal who owned her own Saloon. Maureen was a good influence upon Rose, working and helping her out at her Saloon was the only “honest” work Rose had ever completed. The first time Rose ever stole something was from another one of the orphans at their home. She stole her shoes purely for the reason that she wanted them. Rose mainly makes a living off of traveling the rails and performing petty theft. She is always looking for that next big opportunity, but so far it has never presented itself.

Due to her illegal activities she’s been pursued by marshals and sheriffs from each town she visits. She doesn’t quite know how to lay low, and is always doing something to get her into more trouble.

Currently she is traveling from town to town, looking for the gig that will grant her the big bucks.

Writing Assignment – Your Hopes, Dreams, And Fears

In 10 years, I’ll either be in a ditch or living the high life. Ain’t no way I’m letting the law get ahold of me. Either the years of running from the marshal’s will catch up or I’ll have made it big time.

I’m fearful of the law. I’m fearful that things won’t turn out for me. It’s hard being on the road, no specific place to call home. That’s where hitting it big time comes in. Hopefully by then I’ll have hit a big bank (or even a couple little ones) and I’ll be able to buy myself a new identity and a permanent home. Hopefully I won’t have to run no more. Here’s to the future.

-Rose Oakley

Writing Assignment – Instagram Is Down…DESCRIBE Your Lunch To Me!

Earlier today I trudged through the snow for lunch with Christine, Britta, Maddy and Kelsey. We walked from campus over to Kumo Sushi where we each ordered about three rolls. I ordered, as part of the lunch special, the spicy scallop roll, tuna & avocado roll and the spicy salmon roll. Before the rolls were ready we were each served miso soup in a black and red bowl. The sushi rolls were brought out upon a square white plate accompanied by a tray for soy sauce. They were delicious. I ate all of the rolls I ordered for myself and then proceeded to eat the rolls that my friends couldn’t finish (lame, right?). I tried eating the rolls with ginger for the first time. Nothing special about it in my opinion, it didn’t really taste like anything

I just described my lunch earlier today. Of course my roommate took a picture of her sushi plate before digging in, but this assignment wasn’t calling for that.

Writing Assignment – To my Mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being an amazing mother. You may not feel like you have, but you’ve raised four fantastic daughters. Each one of us loves you very much. I’m so thankful I look forward to coming home and hanging out with you; I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship that we have.

I hope to travel more with you, and share some laughs and tears. I hope to make it through these tough years ahead of us.



(Dad, Isabelle, Samantha, Mom, Sarah; I’m taking the picture and making them laugh)


Writing Assignments – A Letter to You as a Child

Dear 13 year old Sophia,

No, not everyone is out to get you. I understand that mom and dad may seem like the worst people in the world, but they really aren’t. Stop picking on your little sisters. They’re going to be your best friends soon enough. Hug each one of them, especially Isabelle, she needs it. Don’t forget mom and dad!

I know you’re not the most optimistic child, but it does get better. You end up at a great school with some lifelong friends. You’re even taking this class (ds106) with one of them right now!

It’s going to be hard, but you’re tough. Just remember how important your family is, they’ll be there for you.

-21 year old Sophia