Writing Assignment – Instagram Is Down…DESCRIBE Your Lunch To Me!

Earlier today I trudged through the snow for lunch with Christine, Britta, Maddy and Kelsey. We walked from campus over to Kumo Sushi where we each ordered about three rolls. I ordered, as part of the lunch special, the spicy scallop roll, tuna & avocado roll and the spicy salmon roll. Before the rolls were ready we were each served miso soup in a black and red bowl. The sushi rolls were brought out upon a square white plate accompanied by a tray for soy sauce. They were delicious. I ate all of the rolls I ordered for myself and then proceeded to eat the rolls that my friends couldn’t finish (lame, right?). I tried eating the rolls with ginger for the first time. Nothing special about it in my opinion, it didn’t really taste like anything

I just described my lunch earlier today. Of course my roommate took a picture of her sushi plate before digging in, but this assignment wasn’t calling for that.