Writing Assignment – Your Character’s Past

Rose Oakley

Rose was an orphan. She never knew her family or their fate. She never cared to learn of them. She figured if they couldn’t be there for her then, they couldn’t be available to her any other part of her life. The orphanage was tough. It made her realize she couldn’t trust many people. She didn’t have very many friends.

The one friend she made was Maureen, a young western gal who owned her own Saloon. Maureen was a good influence upon Rose, working and helping her out at her Saloon was the only “honest” work Rose had ever completed. The first time Rose ever stole something was from another one of the orphans at their home. She stole her shoes purely for the reason that she wanted them. Rose mainly makes a living off of traveling the rails and performing petty theft. She is always looking for that next big opportunity, but so far it has never presented itself.

Due to her illegal activities she’s been pursued by marshals and sheriffs from each town she visits. She doesn’t quite know how to lay low, and is always doing something to get her into more trouble.

Currently she is traveling from town to town, looking for the gig that will grant her the big bucks.