Week 1 Summary

Are you exhausted yet?

YES! There is a reason why I don’t have this many social media sites: I don’t know how to work them! It’s been a struggle setting up the multiple accounts along with learning how to publish/interact with the community. I can say that I spent my fair share of time becoming frustrated with flickr and getting overwhelmed by twitter. Thankfully I was able to get some assistance from a few other members in this class, and I was able to publish my DS106 Multimodal Introduction.

At the moment I can say I’m not quite sure if I will maintain these accounts following the completion of this course. There is something about preserving an online image/persona that not only tires me just thinking about it, but also concerns me. I’m not sure I want so many people knowing what’s going on in my life. To each their own! This course will provide me the opportunity to see if that’s something I enjoy.

As I stated in my western blog post, I’m excited to learn more about the themes that form the genre. I plan on watching an older film; while Django Unchained (2012) pays homage to the many topics within western films, I can’t say I’ve truly been exposed. I was surprised to see the character Django as the protagonist to other western films listed among the playlist provided by the professor. I had not realized that he was a constant character in the genre. This has provided me a starting point to begin my western film education

4 thoughts on “Week 1 Summary”

  1. Different people find different ways to use social media, and for some there is no appeal at all. The sites are useful for this class since we will be working with audio, video and imagery. They become repositories where we can store work and vehicles through which we can share. But the whole experience should give you a sense of how you can present yourself online. You don’t have to show any more of your life than you want.

    I’m glad that you’re looking into Django. It will be fun to share our various views of the Western.

  2. Your start of being a #western106 student is great. I did read some other blogs of western106 and yours is a fine example. Even has links in the text!! I am one of those constant characters in the genre.
    I don’t know for sure if the genre has some clownish character? The fool, the jester or what is the name?

  3. I really liked your week 1 summary post. It reassured me that I am not the only one in the course that was exhausted after the first week! I also got frustrated with flickr, but it seems we were both able to work through it and figure it out. 🙂

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