Week 15 Summary – Thanks for the Travels!

We were asked by the professor to write a letter to future DS106 students. I thought this was a fantastic way to reflect upon the semester and understand what does and doesn’t work. I hope that future students enjoy the class and have a little fun.

For my final project, I chose to complete Rose’s story. During the assignments I used her for, I alluded to her goal of performing one final criminal act so she could finally relax her days away. Rose finally got it.

  1. Part 1: The Plan
  2. Part 2: The Fair
  3. Part 3: The Gang
  4. Part 4: Read All About It!
  5. Part 5: Goodbye

If you don’t want to read it in parts, you can find it all linked together in The Final Heist (I prefer to read it in parts).

Each assignment linked the previous and next part in Rose’s story. It also has a star amount at the bottom. In total 25☆’s were completed in writing, audio, web and visual assignments. I originally thought of ending Rose’s story tragically, with her gang crossing her and taking the money, but I decided there should be a happy ending for Rose. While deceit and trickery can make for great elements within stories, sometimes you just need to have a satisfying end to an adventure.

Take care Professor Bond!


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