Week 3 Summary

Week 3 was a busy week!

I enjoyed reading and responding to “Ice Man”. Along with “Ice Man”, I chose to respond to “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”. As I stated in my earlier post, it allowed me to experience the Western theme from a different viewpoint. In conjunction with that, I applied Kurt Vonnegut’s ideas regarding the shape of stories to Elmore Leonard’s writing. I enjoyed these two assignments a lot. I found the analytical aspect fun and different from what I was expecting out of this course. Every week seems to surprise me!

I also had fun creating my Outlaw character. I didn’t describe everything about Rose Oakley because I was unsure of where to take her next. I think the air of mystery about her adds to her pariah nature.

For the writing assignments this week I chose to write a letter To my Mom. I really enjoyed this one, and I even shared it with her! In addition to this, I chose to describe my lunch (4 stars) and create a western haiku (2 stars) inspired by Mabel Strickland and the daily create assignment.

I decided that I was going to group my daily creates into one post. For some reason it makes me feel more organized to have them all grouped together. I simply create a draft post and add a daily create every time I complete one.

Speaking of organization… I finally decided on a sidebar menu for my blog. I struggled with the organization of it (along with creating menus), but eventually settled on what is visible on my blog now (who knows, I could change it again). I appreciated the hierarchy appearance of it, along with the ability to see how many posts belong to each category.

Next week I plan on reading the directions carefully (I missed the part that I had to read TWO short stories) and focus on getting my work done earlier in the week. I also want to comment at least once a week. I want to aim for two but I’m setting the bar low for myself. This week I at least made one comment.

I’m interested in seeing what is in store for Week 4!

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