Week 4 Summary

The first assignment provided me a realization regarding my relationship with photography. It was difficult to write that post while coming to an understanding of what photography means to me, but I’m grateful that I did. I think I’d much rather enjoy a product than be the one creating it (just cause I accept that my talents aren’t quite there yet!) The second assignment was also enjoyable, but as I stated, not quite what I expected. Once again, I’m learning and being exposed to new things!

Capturing what was in my characters saddle bag was easy following the hike I did today. I chose what was in my camel back as I felt it related to a character living in the wilderness and running from the law. I had so much fun writing the Love at First Shot blog post! Once again, I don’t write large paragraphs, but I think that’s my style. Short and sweet. Out of the two assignment options, I chose to create a Brady bunch image of my family. I also had a lot of fun creating a pixel picture (4 stars) of my outlaw character which proved to be a fun way to create an image. For my final visual assignment (2 stars) I chose to take a close up image of a keyboard in the convergence center. Sorry if I just ruined the chance to guess for anyone!

I struggled with the daily creates this week. That’s because I don’t think I genuinely completed the first one. This was due to hardware issues. Whenever I attempt to record (video or audio) my sound system disappeared. Why? I’m unsure, but it requires me each time to remove the sound system, update for changes and reboot my computer. Hopefully as the course progresses I can find a solution to this problem.

I didn’t have as much fun with the photoblitzer assignment. I think this may because of how I view my photography skills and my criticism of it. Of course I hadn’t written the first assigned blog post yet so I had not come to that realization! But now I know.

I tried to up my comment game this week and I feel like I succeeded in reaching my own personal goal. It was fun to read about other individuals take on cinematography along with looking at their visual assignments. I even tried to guess what someones close up picture was of!

Looking alive for week 5!

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