Week 5 Summary

I was initially really worried about working with audio. Not only because I was having difficulty with my hardware, but who likes to hear their own voice? Not me. In the end, I enjoyed this weeks assignments a lot more than I had anticipated! That’s always a good thing.

I had a lot of fun understanding and reflecting upon audio storytelling. I really enjoyed listening to Moon Graffiti. Podcasts are great, especially ones that follow stories and let you utilize your imagination. After listening to that podcast, I began getting excited about my own radio show idea. And as always, I enjoyed the daily creates. It makes me feel a bit more artistic and imaginative (although I’m still not clear on who Dr. Oblivion is).

I used to use my weekly summaries to describe what I did for each assignment, but I was pointed in a different direction. I tried to describe my process in each of the assignment blog posts. I enjoyed most of these assignments, specifically the radio show bumper, a sound effects story (3.5 stars) and what a song might mean to you. The other two assignments felt like filler to me. I didn’t quite enjoy them as much and I felt less creative in them. These two assignments were can’t get out of my head (1.5 stars), and rhythms with things (3 stars). I guess that just means the professor does a great job at choosing the fun creative assignments!

Getting ready for some design tricks for week 6!

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