Week 6 Summary

Working with design has been my favorite so far. While I initially did not enjoy the responsive reading, I had a great time analyzing different western themes and how design has changed them over time. I struggled with the design blitz assignment simply because I’m still getting used to flickr. I guess at the moment I’m not a fan of the online application, but that’s only because of my own misunderstandings.

I’m not having as much fun with the daily creates as I used to. I think it may be because of how I’m approaching them. I’ve stopped viewing them as fun parts of my day to express creativity and I need to change that.

My favorite part of the week had to be the design assignments. Also props to the professor for choosing some great design assignments (and to the individuals who created them!)

  1. Most Wanted Poster
  2. Minimalist Movies Poster
  3. One story/Four icons
  4. Movie Trading Card

I can’t think of a word that rhymes with seven, but I’m excited for next week!

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