Week 9 Summary

I’m finding it more and more difficult to manage my time properly regarding some of these assignments. I really struggled to find a radioshow time that I would be available to listen to, and in the end, I couldn’t coordinate with my schedule. That’s my own fault, and something I’ve been trying to work with since week 1! Baby steps. Really tiny tiny baby steps.

For my 10 star assignment bank blog posts I did 2 writing assignments (7 stars total) and one design assignment (3 1/2 stars).

  1. Your Hopes, Dreams and Fears
  2. Your Characters Past – I really enjoyed this one because it allowed me to sit back and think about Rose’s past. It was a fun creative thought process
  3. Most Wanted Poster (3)

And here is a link to my daily create blog post! I’ve been peetering out in terms of my motivation. I need to find a way to get it back for week 10.

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